About us

Payment Planet s.r.o. (hereinafter – «Company»), registered under the laws of Czech Republic (the registration number 05437342) and acting as the Operator, Clearing and Processing Center and a Payment Organization of the International Payment System «PAYMENT PLANET» (hereinafter «PAYMENT PLANET») under the license dated 05.06.2017 issued by Czech National Bank.
Main activities of the Company are:
• Activity as the Operator of the PAYMENT PLANET International Payment System (IPS);
• Rendering services to legal entities (to banks, providers of payment services, finance companies) on the organization and optimization of the IT infrastructure connected with automation of financial processes including money transfers (FinTech-services);
• Rendering to the European companies consulting services for implementation and integration of modern IT solutions, including – in the field of observance of the latest European directives (PSD2, etc.), automation and standardization of financial calculations (S.W.I.F.T. Lite2, etc.), AML compliance and other RegTech-services.
IPS «PAYMENT PLANET» – community of the organizations united by a common information space and interacting according to Rules of IPS for rendering payment services in money transfer, including services in cross-border transfer of money.
The payment organization of IPS «PAYMENT PLANET» is Payment Planet s.r.o.
The Company has the right to render the following types of payment services:
- issuing and managing of payment instruments and devices for accepting payment;
- money transfers, when neither payer, nor payee do not use payment account at the payment provider (money remittance).
Legal address of the Company: Praha 1, Politických věz ňů 911/8, Nové Město, 11000, Prague, Czech Republic. SWIFT BIC: PAPOCZP1.
Settlement bank of PAYMENT PLANET is UniCredit Bank, SWIFT BIC UNCRSKBX.