Payment Planet s.r.o. (hereinafter – «Company») invites banks, payment organizations and PSP to cooperation and offers full range of services for the organization of effective mutually beneficial cooperation:
• Partnership in the field of the organization of money transfers/remittances through the Payment Planet payment system;
• Providing the software for connection to the Payment Planet and other payment service providers («Payment Systems Integrator»);
• Connection to Cloud Services for the organization of own money transfer system (the front office, administration, the reporting, generation of clearing files for settlements);
• Integration with payment systems and money transfer networks.
The company provides to the partners the specialized software developed according to the scheme "thin client" (GUI) or Application Program Interface (API), technical support for installation and operation of the software.
GUI is WEB-based software provided by the Company to partners and agents for purpose of sending and receiving Money Transfers.
Application Program Interface (API) is WEB-service provided by Company to partners and agents for purpose of integration member’s internal software with Company’s Clearing Center through secure channels for data transfer.
Clearing Center is a software and hardware appliance, designed for money transfers by order of individuals without opening accounts in Company which are made in network of PAYMENT PLANET Payment System through secure channels for data transfer, generation and assignment of Control number of money transfer (CNT) to each financial transaction and database support in generating financial information and CNT assigned.
At receiving and delivery of Money Transfers participants and agents are obliged to observe the existing currency legislation and also the legislation in the sphere of Anti - Money Laundering and financing of terrorism of the country of registration and location.      

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